Convert SVG files to PNG files for free online.This tool can convert multiple svg files to png format.And, you can customize the output files' name , width/height and color.

About SVG to PNG

How to use it?

With this tool , you can convert a svg file to multiple sizes of PNG files, customize your output width and height in the "Options". Click "Options" to open the settings dialog , and set the width and height as desired. You can also upload a directory to convert.

  • Save Name : You can set {name} , {width} , {height} to customize the output filenames. If multiple files need to be generated , you must set {width} and {height} tags to distinguish files of different sizes. {name} is same as the filename of the source file.
  • Width and Height : You can customize the width/height of output files. The maximum of width/height is 2000px.
  • Change Color: You can change the color of output files. This option is only valid on some SVG files using monochrome color or no background colors.
  • Example settings:
  • Save Name :

    {name}_{width}_{height} .png

  • Width and Height

    60 X 60

  • Width and Height

    120 X 120

  • If you upload a icon.svg , 2 files will be generated and named as below :
  • icon_60_60.png Width and Height: 60x60
  • icon_120_120.png Width and Height: 60x60
  • You can click Download All button to download them within a zip file.

    Why do I use SVG?

    SVG files are vector graphics format and stored in XML text files. SVG files can be arbitrarily scaled without distortion. Therefore, it can be widely used in web browser and mobile apps. Bring a better visual experience to users. In web applications, svg files occupy smaller sizes than jpg, png, and gif, so they can save more bandwidth for the website.